Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Articles and images are reposted from RMB Studios for this blog post.

I have been invited as a panelist to participate in the critique of students work at the School of the Art Institute Chicago, presenting my environmental installation Grandmother's Circle. on September 24th, 2014.   http://ecocinema.blogspot.com/2013/11/grandmothers-circle-tribute-to-crecys.html. The video documentation from grandmother's circle will be presented at Bronzeville Artist Lofts on September 19th, 2014, 6-10pm during the Bronzeville Trolley Tour..

Multicultural Affairs promotes diversity for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) community through programs, services, and institutional initiatives. We support, advocate for, and mediate for students on issues of inclusivity, representation, and empowerment with specific emphasis on the needs of underrepresented communities. We also help connect students with the rich cultural tapestry of Chicago, providing them with diverse experiences and exposure to a variety of backgrounds.


La Keisha Leek

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Harper
Rashayla Marie Brown is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and curator who also leads the Multicultural Affairs department at the School of the Art Institute in her role as Assistant Director. Her work, both as an artist and administrator, primarily negotiates race, sexuality, spirituality, politics, and popular culture in the formation of subversive narratives. She has been awarded numerous fellowships and grants, including the Anna Louise Raymond BFA Fellowship,Chicago Artist Coalition’s BOLT Residency, SAIC’s Archibald Motley Grant, and the Propeller Fund. She holds a BA in Sociology and African-American Studies from Yale University and a BFA in Photography and Video from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
La Keisha Leek: What is an Intersectionality Critique and where did the idea to create this at SAIC come from?
Rashayla Marie Brown: An Intersectionality Critique is a safe, open, and engaging environment for discussing art across disciplines, identities, and with students and alumni from several universities and departments. Students are encouraged to share works in progress and consider how cultural topics such as race, class, gender, and politics intersect with each other and are inseparable from art. The term “Intersectionality” is used in tribute to black feminist writers such as KimberlĂ© Crenshaw and Patricia Hill Collins who proposed how various categories of identity interact on multiple and simultaneous levels. By talking with students of differing disciplines and schools that they might never normally interact with, students learn to integrate concepts of inclusion and awareness into their broader educational experience and post-graduate lives.  I designed this program with social practice techniques of community outreach and collaboration to enhance the development of academic success and skills of cultural competency.
For More information contact
Rashayla Marie Brown
Director of Student Affairs for Diversity and Inclusion, SAIC Multicultural Affairs
Interdisciplinary Artist and Writer, RMB Studios 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair (SBBF).

PO Box 188213, Sacramento, CA 85818-8213

This is an invitation to participate in a ground-breaking event for Sacramento:  the First Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair (SBBF).  The SBBF is an offshoot of Blue Nile Press, a Sacramento Publisher of Black Books.  This historic event will take place from June 6 - June 8, 2014.  It will bring writers, publishers, readers, and vendors from Sacramento, the state, the country, and the international community, to a celebration of reading and writing, right here in River City. 

The SBBF will take place in the heart of Oak Park, anchored by venues at the Women’s Civic Improvement Club, The Brickhouse Art Gallery, Underground Books, Evolve - the Gallery, and the Guild Theater.  To get in on the ground floor, and help shape this historic moment, please accept our invitation.  In doing so, you will join, not only Path Press, but also The Brick house Art Gallery, Underground Books, Evolve - the Gallery, the Guild Theater, Eugene Redmond, and the black group (tbg), in launching - from Sacramento - a transformative cultural statement.

To join us as a grass-roots partner, please contact Faye Wilson Kennedy at fayek@springmail.com, or 484-3749. The deadline: May 4, 2014 for sponsors to be listed in the program book. 
·         If you would like to be a contributor, for a payment of $25.00, your name will appear on our promotional literature and on the program.
·         You can be a supporter for $50.00, which will place your name on our promotional literature, the program, and you will be an invited guest to ancillary events.
·         For $100, you will be named a co-sponsor and receive all the benefits noted above, as well as being named a chat room sponsor.
·         A payment of $250-$500 will designate you as a co-sponsoring partner; include all the above benefits, as well personal introductions to the featured writers.

For more info please visit our website: http://www.sacramentoblackbookfair.com.

On behalf of the SBBF Planning Group

David Covin, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Blue Nile Press

Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 "Grandmother's Circle" Retreat

Curator Alpha Bruton, Altar "Tribute to Crecy, and Sallie"
The 2nd annual retreat in Auburn California, at the studio of Posey Lowe has been canceled to the public this year. There will be a gathering by invitation only, and private studio hours planned between May 21-31st. The Honorary Advisory Board will meet to vision the future of the Visual Arts Development Project during this time.

Curator YaYa, Andrea Jennifer Porras, Tribute to Jose Montoya
The International Society of Altar Making, will host an installation at a site specific location in Sacramento, with a marker and altar dedication. 

A screening of the narratives "Grandmother's Circle" collected in 2013 will be viewed at the Posey studio.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Stepney Cleansing Altar

I am putting elements together  to drive out negative energy while working here with my elder from found objects around the house and property.

The foundation is a silver serving tray, decorate rocks, shells from the yard, a bamboo tree to catch the energy. The fire is the center, a candle holder I picked up, royal blue, a travel angle, sits in the middle of the shell I found that is the inspiration for the grandmother circle soft sculptured dolls we are making.