Archived Projects

Celebration Arts Visual Arts  1993

"African American Art Summit-

Advisors- Michelle Walker/Allan Gordon/Rhonda Brady

There's Something in the Air"- San Jose  CA,

Genesis Sanctuary for the Arts - 1994

(VADP) Visual Arts Development Project Slide Presentation,


Assisi Italy Third World Art Conference 1995

Celebrations Arts Visual Arts & Zawadi Gallery Present- 1994 Northern California African American Artists & Friends

Lifestyle, Tuttle observes Black History Month with art by Jennifer K. Williams Auburn Journal Staff, Feb 29th represents 12 artists  The work complied for the show was collected with the intention of showing the side of African American artists of today toward the many years of artistic contributions that were made by those who proceeded them, according to ARTcetera official.

Third World Art Conference 1993- San Francisco CA

1993 Northern California Artists & Friends

Art cetera Presents at the Auburn Art Center

We are very proud to have Kevin Hellon owner and director of Zawadi Gallery in Sacramento as an exhibition coordinator.

1994- Volunteer Program Staff- Membership

Visual Arts Director-Alpha Bruton

Public Relations/Recruitment- Talver Germany/Shonna McDaniels/Anita Posey-Lowe

Exhibition Coordinators- Elaine Crossley/Kevin Hellon/Eileen Miller/
Photo Journalists- Ed Carley/Joyce Carley/Loren Reed
Public Service Liaison/Publication- Venita Jacobson
Graphic Artists- Ed Carley/Felicia Thompson/Frank Brooks
Hospitality Coordinators- Bridget Hamilton/Louis Invernon Combo

Textile Coordinator- Zanta Ragster
Youth Coordinators- Charles Hamilton/Senay Dennis

Resident Artists- Alpha Bruton/Frank Brooks/Sam Tubiolo/Jenny Hale/Caprice Cannon/ Felicia Thompson/Vincent Kobelt/Richard Herrera/

VADP- Membership- Allen Blish, Elaine Crossley,  Rochelle Ford, Talver Germay, Frankie Hansberry, Kevin Hellon, Raymond Howell, John King, Michael Kenny, Adrian Kimbro, Anita Posey Lowe, Larry Love, James Moore, Shonna McDaniels, Wayne Matthews, Don Monzon, Maretta Raymnd Mills, Will Portis, Santree, Kyenda Sowazi, Monica Stewart, Mikki Stanton, Glenn Varner, Raymond Walker, Teresa Wirick, Glenn Varner

“African American Artists and Friends” 1992-1999

Welcome to our fourth annual "NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ARTISTS & FRIENDS, membership exhibition. On behalf of the members of Celebrations Arts Program, I want to express my sincere gratitude t o the Director of ARTcetero, Larry Luis Ortiz and the Multicultural committee chair, Anita Posey Lowe, for making the art center available for the fourth year.

    Locations/Art Organization Curated Exhibitions
    Tuttle Mansion, Auburn Art Center, KVIE, Les Belle Arts, Les Beau Arts, Women Civic Improvement Club and Saint Hope Academy Art Auction ,Grass Valley Art Center, Zawadi Gallery in Curtis Park, BASS Wine and Jazz Festival ,UPtown Arts Phantom Gallery.