Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair (SBBF).

PO Box 188213, Sacramento, CA 85818-8213

This is an invitation to participate in a ground-breaking event for Sacramento:  the First Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair (SBBF).  The SBBF is an offshoot of Blue Nile Press, a Sacramento Publisher of Black Books.  This historic event will take place from June 6 - June 8, 2014.  It will bring writers, publishers, readers, and vendors from Sacramento, the state, the country, and the international community, to a celebration of reading and writing, right here in River City. 

The SBBF will take place in the heart of Oak Park, anchored by venues at the Women’s Civic Improvement Club, The Brickhouse Art Gallery, Underground Books, Evolve - the Gallery, and the Guild Theater.  To get in on the ground floor, and help shape this historic moment, please accept our invitation.  In doing so, you will join, not only Path Press, but also The Brick house Art Gallery, Underground Books, Evolve - the Gallery, the Guild Theater, Eugene Redmond, and the black group (tbg), in launching - from Sacramento - a transformative cultural statement.

To join us as a grass-roots partner, please contact Faye Wilson Kennedy at, or 484-3749. The deadline: May 4, 2014 for sponsors to be listed in the program book. 
·         If you would like to be a contributor, for a payment of $25.00, your name will appear on our promotional literature and on the program.
·         You can be a supporter for $50.00, which will place your name on our promotional literature, the program, and you will be an invited guest to ancillary events.
·         For $100, you will be named a co-sponsor and receive all the benefits noted above, as well as being named a chat room sponsor.
·         A payment of $250-$500 will designate you as a co-sponsoring partner; include all the above benefits, as well personal introductions to the featured writers.

For more info please visit our website:

On behalf of the SBBF Planning Group

David Covin, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Blue Nile Press