Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teatro Y movement

Happy Tuesday Familia!
Thank you kindly for always beigng a bright source of inspiration and love.
Currently I am blessed with the honor of passing or pasando the work,creative process and growth of original teatro y movement to a small circle of emerging performing artist/actors.

The work that some of you may remember co created, performed,booked and toured with and by my long time co pilot Nicole Limon known as Movimieto Molcajete, Theatre with a twist is the platform/foundation from which I am growing and cultivating these emerging artists.
I am asking for you to consider sharing a story (can be of any length) of your life long partner, an inspiring lover, a great and or grand mother, an auntie or comadre, a daughter or sisterfriend that helped move you to a better place of compassion, devotion, education,transformation,motivation ect.

We are workshoping these themes as writer /performers and thus through our process so far of highlighting some of the herstory you and I have made, spirit moved me to call on you to join us in making the work/homenaje come full circle.
please feel free to share via a google chat recorded video, a paragraph, a page, abstract,list of words, a FB video or chat msg private and or open post;)
Con todo respeto, depending on how we are able to arrange, weave our and your cuentos via movement, palabra, cancion this upcoming performance is our premiere creation that we will continue to workshop and develop.
* this work will be video recorded and added to an installation of altares that will be traveling to Chicago later in the year as a collective ofrenda with Artist Alpha Bruton.
Namaste loved one
should my ask/invitation need any clarifications please do not hesitate to reach out-
Also please note that if you participate you will receive collective writer credit on our program;)
Salamat for your time and energy-
Arte y Cultura Ninja

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