Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Words of Thankfulness

Talver Germany Miller Executive Director Visual Arts Development Program

I would like to take this time to thank Caryl Henry Alexander, Happy Hyder and others who gave their energy, imagination, and inspiration in the development of a permanent Labyrinth that provided a wonderful experience of joy that radiated in walking the Labyrinth.

Also, thank you to our guest speaker Ms Diana Bruton, with her knowledge, awareness, and love. Diana took us on a historical family journey.
Alpha Bruton, Diana Bruton, Ondrea Walker
as the ceremony begins, firekeepers lighting the flames of the pit

And thank you to our welcomed guest and other participants who created symbolic sculpture and painting pieces that were gifts from the heart. And most important and not to be forgotten, thank you to our host Anita Posey Lowe, who graciously opened her lovely home and exquisite beautiful land that we all enjoyed experiencing the dirt, leaves, trees, and petals from her flowers.
I can say we will long remember the experience.Thank you to our Executive Director of the Visual Arts Program and Phantom Gallery Chicago Network Ms. Alpha Bruton, who had a vision and a desire to develop a structural Alter of creativity and dedication to Michelle Walker, who is no longer with us. Alpha, encouraged each of the guest, and participants to think about life treasures within our hearts and see and experience them out in the open to understand there richness; coupled with YaYa, who blessed the Alter and encouraged all too clear our minds and hearts to realize our true purpose to love self and others.
Over all this was truly a life changing event. Thank you to all.

Talver Germany Miller

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jennifer porras said...

Such an honor it was to grow closer to each and all who took part in cultivating and supporting our dream/ visions and plans. Grateful to have been present in the sacred moments that I shall forever cherish as arte, familia, healing memories! Much respect and love all the way around for the profound impact that continues to feed my heart and creative inspiration. Namaste YaYa