Sunday, August 18, 2013

Labyrintheme Back to Our Senses

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The Labyrintheme project has brought together theatre makers, museum staff and enthusiasts, teachers, staff of educational institutions and students from a considerable number of countries.

We call our handbook for trainers Back to Our Senses because we found during the piloting phase of the project that this is the main resource that sensory labyrinth theatre has to offer: a renewed perspective on the ways we perceive and acquire information through our basic senses.

 While everything around us competes in terms of getting bigger and louder it also risks becoming two-dimensional and, frankly, quite boring. We found that this context is actually a great opportunity to surprise our audiences and visitors by becoming three-dimensional: focusing on creating an image inside the head and not in front of the eyes. The ‘theatre’ element comes in when we learn how to tune the five senses so that we create controlled sensory images and share these images on a human-to-human level rather than through a patronizing I-will-provide-knowledge experience. It also helps objective information to become personal again by means of storytelling. But more of this inside.

The handbook is dedicated to all of you who have already found such an experience interesting and are willing to replicate it and/or adapt it to similar contexts. It’s a DIY guide that also makes constant reference to situations we’ve encountered in our Labyrintheme experience and may become subjects for further exploration.

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