Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Ceremonial Circle Blessing

 The Tarble Art Center is a wonderful location to find my true center. I began my personal journey in linking fragments of the past, connecting sketchy memories of the two women that have shaped my path, and are propelling me on to the next plateau of my artistic explorations. Sallie Alpha Betta, mother of Thomas Bruton my father,  and Crecy Ivory mother of Lois Lorraine my mother.

 On the property of Anita P. Lowe Auburn CA-

The question is how to reconstruct this outdoor installation, to an indoor gallery?

Construction – The purification ceremonies is generally built with great care, and with respect for the environment and for the materials being used. Many traditions construct the purification ceremonies in complete silence, some have a drum playing while they build, and other traditions have the builders fast during construction.
Artist Assistant, Master’s candidate Shawn Fairchild, contributed misfired ceramics from his studio, to repurpose in the creation of the “passing of the flames”.

Placement and orientation of the structure within its environment are often considered to facilitate the ceremony's connection with the spirit world, as well as practical considerations of usage. We began building by finding the center of the gallery, 9’ 4 ½ ‘ from the wall.

Rituals and traditions associated with sweating vary regionally and culturally. Ceremonies often include traditional prayers and songs. In some cultures drumming and offerings to the spirit world may be part of the ceremony, or a sweat ceremony may be a part of another, longer ceremony.   wanted an atmosphere of Zen, during the construction, students needed to feel, and play, with the paper, clay, slip, cracked pots, fabric.
 Undergraduate- Garrett Goben- Studio Drawing

Orientation – The door may face a sacred fire. The cardinal directions may have symbolism in the culture that is holding the purification ceremonies. The structure may be oriented within its environment for a specific purpose. That purpose here is to recreate the "THE PASSING OF THE FLAMES".

Artist Assistant, Master’s candidate Shawn Fairchild
Undergraduate- Garrett Goben- Studio Drawing
Stephanie Aarons (music major)

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