Monday, June 1, 2015

CALL for Abstract Artists/Installation Artists/Performance Art /Media/Film

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network:

CALL for Abstract Artists/Curators/Installation Artists/Performance Art /Media/Film

Miami Art Basel Dec 3-6, 2015

Application Deadline Extended July  31th,2015

Application documents
Please  copy application format from,, and submit as  ONE PDF DOCUMENT (max 10 mg) to  Subject: Miami/application-

Please note that websites cannot be taken into account in the selection process. 
Please do not include digital catalogs.

Application fees
The nonrefundable application fee of $40, for each application form, must be paid, before sending in the application. Application fees can be paid by credit card via online to Phantom Gallery Chicago Network Paypal. A receipt confirming payment has been received and processed will be generated.

Participation prices:
Feature in online catalog and, 10’ x 10’ entry                              $100
Outdoor Installation…………………………………………….        $100

Additional Fees:
Desired booth wall spaces:  S-250sf        M, 500 sf     L-750 sf    XL- 1000 sq.   
(Each artist will be given catalog featured photo, artwork, and bio)
Storefront: $10 square footage- (building owner)
Tent- (City of Miami- event tent fee’s, include licenses, security etc.)

The number of participating artists/curators is limited contingent upon spaces available. Decisions on admission are made exclusively by the curatorial selection committee.


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your application/ please contact our Gallery and Project Manager, via email at

Lavon Nicole Pettis is a Creative Business Development Specialist who blends her background of Psychology and Sociology into the world of creative professionals such as fine artists, writers, actors, and cultural arts musicians with all of the business acumen of a comprehensive fine arts company.

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