Friday, July 9, 2021

When the moon is in the Seventh House

 Re-posted  by Alpha Bruton

Find inner peace. Consciously welcome and receive Light, intending to absorb its healing power. You ARE the Light you've been looking for.
Stay the course in the direction indicated by the voice of your heart.
Practice detaching from old limiting patterns. Leave the thoughts, habits, and reactions that feed the old energy and intend to transform them into light through love.
Foster love in all relationships - those we love and those that connect us to fear.
Embrace Divine energy through meditation. Its influence on our subtle bodies is immense. It has a great transmuting power to free us and connects us.
Be One. In our visualizations feel like we are One with all that is and all that exists.

BE STILL AT 11:11 and realign to the truth Positive energy bubble over the whole planet, so more Universal order,
Peace, love, prosperity, integrity, harmony, and tranquility can once again
be the rule of the day. The Age of Aquarius has arrived.
We are presently moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. In fact, it was on February 14, 2009, the Moon was in Libra in the seventh house of relationships, and Jupiter and Mars were aligned in Aquarius in the twelfth house of spiritual transformation. 

Remember the lyrics to the song from the late 60's by the 5th Dimension
"Let the Sun Shine"? It is now time to let the sunshine in, let love and beauty fill your life even when all seems to be falling apart and dying. This song was prophetic. Here are the lyrics just to refresh your memory -

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!
When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!
Let the sunshine, Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in
Let the sunshine, Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in...
So get together with people you love or others of like-mind and join in
raising the earth's vibration. Here are a couple of websites you can check
out that are celebrating and promoting peace and unity. Both sites have life
Streaming so you can participate from the comfort of home or anywhere.
-Alpha Bruton-

"Journey Through True Life"


I dreamed your cosmic energy

Into existence

and asked no permission

to enter.

I boldly stepped foot

into your unconscious

As you slept

And shaped your spirit

while in

the Womb

of life.


I traced the steps of your life

and formed the patterns that

shaped your very Being

into Existence.

I hold the Spirit of

New Beginnings

and send from the west

Aboriginal life forms

that keep the patterns

from changing.

I take you there.

Without permission

I Dreamed of you.

©1993 Akili Jaye ©1993 Alpha Bruton Paintings from Sojourner Truth Art Museum Mural, "Journey Through True Life" 

CANCER AS A TURNING POINT "Spirit Keepers My Journey"

 Spirit Keepers My Journey

The bodies of work I have prepared for this exhibit are from my “SPIRIT KEEPERS” series. “Adore Your Self” was done during a period of time when my friend Diane, my cousin Ruby, her best friend Bridget, my aunt Helen, my mother Lois all were faced with the difficulty of having some form of cancer. Be it breast cancer, cancer of the lungs attaching itself to the heart, cancer connecting itself as a tumor in the womb, affecting the kidneys, it attacks the spirit.

At these times, I was able to reflect on how important our temple is. I thought of how alluring the female body is and how that temple has been so misused, torn, and even threaded. 

In the painting “Adore Your Self,” I wanted the image to be so alluring that the viewer stops in front of her to inhale the model's mood and feel the inner spirit of loving oneself.

It seems that so often unexpected changes happen in our lives, like out of nowhere a gust of wind may appear, without warning, turning in an unexpected path, leaving you where? We do not know. Sometimes we can pick up the pieces, and sometimes not. Akili, my scribe, my poet friend, gave me the words for “WIND CHANGES.” Unfortunately, she is no longer among us, but she will be in spirit as one of my spirit keepers. Through her poetry and spoken words, I dedicate this chat book.

I have had so many people in my family not survive through cancer, one form or another. When I was fourteen, my father, Thomas, died of cancer of the liver. My uncle Alpha died of lung cancer when I was twenty. Then my mother’s sister Aunt Helen came to Fresno for the funeral of my 1st cousin Willard. I wondered why one of her arms was so small; they told me she had had breast cancer and was a survivor when I was 32.
Aunt Helen Burks

Then I watched my 1st cousin Ruby’s best friend Bridget lose all her long beautiful hair from chemotherapy. In her humor, she’d snatch off her wig while driving home from work, or any other time it got uncomfortable, the wig would get too hot she’d throw it to the wind. Not long after that, she passed. 

Sherry, well, she didn’t make it through the wind changes; she had a brain tumor that took her mind from her. I spoke with her a day or so before the tumor killed her. She gave me a teaching artist position at the Firehouse Gallery in Oak Park, California, when she knew I really needed a job.
Then, Merle, I watched him being so strong, even though he was sick and weak from just coming from his chemotherapy. To teach his workshop at the Sacramento Urban League, I went by his home to sit with him, to talk with him about his last days. He was so weak but wanted to leave something of himself. Although he was thriving from treatment to treatment, he continued giving the kids at the Urban League “Hip Hop” to “Acid Jazz” workshop to give him a hard time. Then one day, I was there. I had to tell them about this wonderful sacrifice he was making. Then they got it. When he passed, the community gave a heartfelt send-off. I couldn’t bring myself to talk, even though his wife wanted me to. Too sad.

I remember the feeling when coming from the lab when I had gotten my first mammogram.  We were living on Atherton in the Freeport Manner Neighborhood of South Sacramento.  The doctor’s office called me back because they saw a mass that they could not identify. I was so afraid that night I was having nightmares, what would happen to my kids, who would take care of them, how I would make it through this.
The next day everything was fine, I will never forget the fright, the horrible feeling of ………….What if?

I was there when my cousin Ruby heard the news she had lung cancer. That was in November, she went to the hospital to have surgery. They stitched her back up and told her there was nothing that they could do. Cancer had already taken a fourth of her lung. She found out only because she was throwing up blood. Then came the months of chemotherapy. When I saw her again that summer, she was so gone. She was frail, holding on; she did not make it a year. She was the most beautiful cousin in the family, and then she was gone that September of 2005.

My sister-in-inlaw Althea is a survivor of cancer. She is in remission these days. I remember when she was so sick, and the strength of her kids, being there for her, no matter what brought her back to life, she has had countless times of being in and out of the hospital. When I saw her last 2009, she looked aged but a survivor.

Then again, sometimes we just can’t make it back. Love ones flee, don’t understand, won’t understand, or can’t understand what it is that cancer does to the whole self.

CANCER AS A TURNING POINT”   © 2010 Alpha Bruton

Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Earth First Light manifesting on Earth

 Re-posted by Alpha Bruton from Eileen Miller's Post

Dear family, 
You are moving into a higher than ever energy week and staying grounded during this time is very important. Touching base with the tree family and being out in Nature will be very beneficial to you.

Also, soaking in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt or sea salt will help keep your auric field in good repair. And of course, the most important element during this time is to keep your "thoughts" and "intentions" on your "highest vision of yourself" and your World, for "what you focus upon will create" the New Earth First Light manifesting on Earth.

Be present and accounted for as one who co-created this into manifestation.
You are moving into higher dimensions of Love and this will affect each person in different ways but will most definitely be a profoundly felt experience. The worries and concerns that have been carried within the hearts of All will cease to make such a big impact upon your daily lives as each person turns within, gratefully releasing the last vestiges of third-dimensional consciousness and surrenders to a new higher level of union with their Angelic Self. From this place of awareness and consciousness will come empowerment to cooperate and co-create a new Earth, one in which Universal consciousness can become our reality.

Many who have been doing the work will have their epiphany moments and will expand their knowingness to a greater level of awareness of the current opportunity to create more beauty in the World with our Love. As you become more conscious of the habitual patterns of expression that need to be changed in your quest to develop a more Universal consciousness, greater amounts of light can enter your very cells and as this occurs, a greater expansion of your multi-dimensional operating system will begin to unfold. Learning to observe yourselves from a higher vantage point will help you take a quantum leap into higher consciousness as you begin to understand how to step out of the old paradigm and create your new reality.

It is all about you, you have the vast potential within you. The seeds you are planting by the new Path that you blaze will take root and grow in and magnificent ways that will bring Unity within yourselves and will then radiate out into the world around you. You are the catalysts that foster creative and peaceful change as you step forward in your true and authentic Self and thus empower those in your sphere of influence to view their own unlimited possibilities. One is empowered there is an energetic interplay that occurs between others of your Tribe and soon all are living and striving to be their highest and best Selves.

Truly we say the best is yet to come and your intention to participate during these most opportune moments adds greatly to the whole of Creation in ways that are yet unimagined.

"As my outside ages, I plan to become stunningly beautiful on the inside." The more you judge and find weaknesses in those around you, the harder God will judge you.  

Eileen Miller

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations" My prayers/wishes are constantly being answered. Love your enemy. But don't forget he is not your friend - Paulo Coelho

Auntie Cary's Art & Herbs


Greetings from Gratitude Garden!
Thanks so much for your 2020 Winter Wellness Kit order.
We are almost sold out and I am so excited to share the fruits of my
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This was an amazing journey, from planting seeds in April and nurturing
the baby plants through the season to their flowering and seeding for the
future. It was such an empowering activity and metaphoric especially during
this COVID year. It was a time for the garden to receive so much attention
and she flourished in response.

To complete your purchase please go to PayPal and send your payment *
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I will send your kit to that address straight away.
Can you please take a short feedback video when your package is received
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Any questions, email girlartist, text or call 732 770 1840
Again thanks so much for supporting my vision to share with you the
art and herbs of Gratitude Garden. Have a healthy Winter season!

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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Light a candle- Faces Not Forgotten

Gervontae S. Laney

Was one of the shining stars of the family

He will be missed

Light a candle

Remember he was 17

A link in a chain now broken

Comfort their souls, with tears

Marqueese, Jaleesa, Gerald Glenn Jr,

Nichole, Myshel, DD, Kevon,

Gerontae, Gervelle, Gerhonda, Geriyja,

and Omarion. 


Friday, December 25, 2020

Night Warriors

 In beauty may you walk.

Through the returning seasons,
May you walk.
ON the trail marked with pollen,
May you walk.
With beauty all around you,
May you walk.
~from a Navajo Song
Season's Greetings
From all of us here at the 
Native American Rights Fund
Night Warriors

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Caryl Henry Alexander "Limitless" Altar Installations

Caryl Henry Alexander "Limitless" Altar Installations

The focal point of "Limitless" - Grandmother's tree- Caryl approached the project using the guidance of the trees, to guide her, give her the direction.


 by Regie Gibson

“The African Meeting House: A Living Ancestor”

The African Meeting House, a National Trust Historic Site in Boston, was built in 1806 and is the oldest existing Black church building in the country built primarily by Black artisans. It served as a religious and educational center, a gathering place for social and political self-expression, and a sanctuary. Watch award-winning poet Regie Gibson explain the significance of the space to those who sought refuge behind its doors.

By Femi Lewis
Updated August 31, 2018

The African Methodist Episcopal Church, also called AME Church, was established by the Reverend Richard Allen in 1816. Allen founded the denomination in Philadelphia to unite African American Methodist churches in the North. These congregations wanted to be free from White Methodists who historically had not allowed African Americans to worship in desegregated pews.

 As the founder of the AME Church, Allen was consecrated as its first bishop. The AME Church is a unique denomination in the Wesleyan tradition--it is the only religion in the western hemisphere to develop from the sociological needs of its members. It is also the first African American denomination in the United States.

"God our Father, Christ our Redeemer, Man our Brother" —David Alexander Payne

Organizational Mission:
Since its establishment in 1816, the AME Church has worked to minister to the needs--spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and environmental--of people. Using liberation theology, the AME seeks to help those in need by preaching the gospel of Christ, providing food for the hungry, providing homes, encouraging those who have fallen on hard times as well as economic advancement, and providing employment opportunities to those in need.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Earth Day 50th anniversary Meet Up

Greetings Friends, HAPPY EARTH DAY!
How is your day going?
I'm good, I've been in the garden today, it's a beautiful day!
While I was planting, transplanting, feeding, and weeding I thought of all of earth-loving friends and the wonderful times that we have shared over the years and I thought....let's try to share some of this day.

Please bring a song or story that honors the earth! See you tonight!
Topic: Earth Day 50th anniversary meet up
Time: Apr 22, 2020 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Sembrando Semillas Creciendo Nuestras Historias Ancestrales Community Tótem Project

Meet our Interns 

This Week Adan and Mariely are interns with the Farmworkers Association of Florida. 

Their work will be with artist and Environmental Justice activist Caryl Henry Alexander. 

Adan Rodriguez, 17 A student at Sebastian River High School, in Fellsmere FL.

Mariely Castillo, 18, A student at Sebastian River High School, in Fellsmere FL.

On Thursday and Friday evening they got oriented to the project plan of action, created concepts and themes that reflect their community, developed designs and made preparations for the community painting events on Saturday and Sunday.

Adan saw a post on social media and thought it would be fun to see what was going on. He was interested in the art aspect of this project and experiencing something new. Adan has worked with the Farmworkers Association of Florida on a local, state and national level. He says his most rewarding as well as his most challenging thing about this project was painting and getting to meet new people.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hunter International House presents Viktor le. Givens.

"Art is Business" reposted for Rootwork Gallery showcases artistic expression that has healing, reconciliation, or the investigation of folk, street, and indigenous cultures at its core.

 "The In-Between Space: Black Magic. Black Manhood. Black Matter"

Inspired by the "conjure" writings of Charles Chestnutt and the short story "The Man Who Lived Underground" by Richard Wright, this immersive exhibition functions as a series of speculative ethnographic installations exploring le. Givens' reflections on the matter, ancestry, memory, and the position of black men in both physical and metaphysical space.

le. Givens says of this work: “This installation is my propitiatory temple to men with gifts--sightseeing, dream catching, street prophesying alchemists--the brothers whose identity and operations may not garner the attention of the mainstream. In navigating the future of black masculinity we have to understand how the black male body moves through literal and figurative space, sometimes unseen, sometimes hyper-visible and more often negotiating the place in between these spaces."

Viktor le. Givens is an installation and performance artist whose practice includes the gathering of ancestral objects to activate spaces for site-specific rituals. His materials frequently include quilts, garments, shoes, coins, jars and bottles, recipes, and other forgotten or discarded household items and personal effects. Through the accumulation of these cultural artifacts, le. Givens seeks to create spaces that act as sacred places or "temples" that inspire the activation of the cultural memory, survival, and resistance and that support African-American spiritual retentions and continuities.

Rootwork Gallery (645 W.18th St., Pilsen) is pleased to announce the opening on Friday, September 9 from 6-10 pm of "The In Between Space: Black Magic. Black Manhood. Black Matter" part exhibition, part visual environment composed by mixed media artist Viktor le. Givens.