Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Call for Researchers and Discoverers-


The Labyrinth Society is an international organization whose mission is to support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths, and to serve the global community by providing education, networking and opportunities to experience transformation.

Early in the twenty-first century, perhaps for the first time in the multi-thousand-year history of labyrinths, people began asking a different set of questions about the labyrinth. In addition to the usual historical, contextual, and archaeological questions about the designs, locations and uses of labyrinths over the years, people began to ask questions about the reported effects of walking labyrinths or interacting with labyrinths in a variety of other ways.
People began to ask questions about the psychological and physiological causes of perceived and often-reported “labyrinth effects,” as well as whether or not these perceived “labyrinth effects” could be isolated and measured. These questions have given rise to a new and emerging field of labyrinth research.

If you have an interest in labyrinth research, please join with us and other like-minded individuals as we build a research base. Many people who want to take labyrinths to hospitals, hospices, schools, corporations, and other organizations are confronted with requests for data not only on what the labyrinth is, but also if/why it has the effects it is reported to have.

Whether your area of interest is health, education, spirituality, art, history, or other areas, we invite your participation in developing solid information that will document the effects of the labyrinth. Below is the mission statement of the Research Committee. If you are interested in finding out about labyrinth research, initiating a research project, or joining the Research Committee, please contact the Research Committee Chair.

Mission Statement of the Labyrinth Research Committee

The Labyrinth Society Research Committee supports research on labyrinths and labyrinth experiences by providing a resource base and encouraging a wide variety of labyrinth-related research interests

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tribute to Crecy's People and Sallie Alpha, Ceremonial Circle

Rituals and traditions Purification Ceremony

Join us for a day of construction, altar making, and painting in the environment Saturday May 25th, our day will begin at 10am - continue through evening. Storyteller Diana Bruton-  San Joaquin Valley Genealogical Society Researcher of Bruton, Burks Family will join us on Friday.

Blessing of the land was conducted by facilitator's: Josephine Talamantez, Stan Padilla on our opening day. Together  they left these poles for me to place in the four directions, to surround my installation with positive vibrations; Earth, Air, Water, Wind.

With much due and respect I will be attending  the 8th annual Louie & Anne Oliver Memorial Day Come Back, MeWuk Indian gathering this weekend to begin my spiritual experience.

We will not in our limited knowledge hold an actual sweat here but a gathering, a talking about our loved ones, and to bring their memories to this living tradition. The Independence tribe will be sharing its culture, history and heritage through a number of cultural events, including dances, interpretive displays and good old fashioned fellowship

Altar for Michelle Walker
Ondrea Walker, preparing elements for her mother's and her grandma's altar.

This Altar is the  focus point of my ceremonial circle holding the sunflowers, and altar elements carried outside, up the hill where I am working.

Fire Keeper Pit- Preparation,  I dug up pottery Anita had thrown into a pit over the years. It was a hole left from where she had her retainer wall built. I dug up old broken pottery she had thrown out because it was cracked or broken, some folks didn't come back to pick up, or that she just didn't want.  I  packed the red clay dirt down and packed it around the sides, and began the re-layering of  broken ceramics to turn the pit into our "Fire Keeper" sacred place. We will used the candles from MAP Gallery Myths, Stories and Living Tradition in the pit so that the wax will cover the broken pottery.

One night Happy, Caryl and I were sitting around the "Ceremonial Circle", and watched the sun light play on the surface of this tree it was decided it would be another place to build an altar. Talver Germany Miller - Grandma's Tree, painted the vertical mural to honor Michelle, as the sunflower was  one of her favorite colors.
Alpha Bruton, Diana Bruton, Ondrea Walker 

Andrea Jennifer  "YaYa" Porras-
Altar installation Trainer

Turtle Shell Sculpture, Anita conducted sessions each day so each participate could leave their mark in the community project. She fired all the slabs on Tuesday night, and we began painting then on Wednesday night in the studio.

Building the Environment:

Orientation – The door must face a scared fire. Here in Auburn we are facing Northwest, I am placing the entry point in a natural path from the studio, up the hill, into the circle. The circle is made of natural elements that are already on the land. I arranged wood stumps for sitting, using the trees to hang banners, used logs as pedestals for the Phantom Gallery Chicago, exhibiting Anita's found artworks. I designed four symbols on Sunday during Caryl's symbol workshop.

Anita Posey Lowe, working with Azul on making a slab for the sculpture, turtles shells that will make the dome. Twelve slabs were made by each participant that attended the retreat. We had seniors as old as 80 something, to as young as 2 months, here little Mia with her parents Alisa and Oliver.

The circle is set up like a coliseum with an amphitheater, an area for guest to sit made from logs already cut. To the north I have a place for the staging, and to the East I have our altar to the land, and to grandmother's tree.

We are using the four directions, and creating a narrative for storytelling, poetry, positive affirmations, and remembering, so each "Spirit Keeper" will take part in the storytelling.
Construction – As I was working on Thursday night, a wild turkey visited me, and sat perched on a limb above the ceremonial circle, and watched as I hung our banners.  This morning a couple of deers were investigating the circle, we watched them from the dinning room table. This morning I will begin building the frame of our altar, so we can add fabric, and a mural around it. Also, we have to install the turtle shells made from the slab clay workshop. 

Support –  Because, we are not actually performing a purification ceremony, this will be a circle to tell our stories of the ones we dedicate the circle to. Now, the animal skins have been replaced with blankets, plastic sheeting, old carpet, heavy gauge canvas sheets and tarps to retain the heat and the steam. We are dyeing canvas with the natural dye Caryl made from bark, and other vegetation on the property. Talver donated raw canvas and  burlap, and we added the fabric from MAP gallery to add to the "temple."

YaYa and I drove to the Buena Vista Rancheria on Sunday afternoon. She was performing at the  8th annual Louie & Anne Oliver Memorial Day Come Back, MeWuk Native American. Buena Vista Me-Wuk Indians have been living on aboriginal tribal land of what later became Amador County since at least 1817. I can't put into words just yet of the experience. It was like one big family reunion, lots of food, fun, and tribal dancing. There was also an Inipi, (Ceremonial Purification Circle), that I was able to visit, but not have had the spiritual experience yet. I would like to spend time fasting, and cleansing before attending a ceremony.

Training - Most cultures that hold ceremonial sweats require that someone go through intensive training for many years to be allowed to lead a purification ceremony. One of the requirements is that the leader be able to pray and communicate fluently in the indigenous language of that culture, and that they understand how to conduct the ceremony safely. This leadership role is granted by the Elders of the community, not self-designation.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sacred Space and Other Places

Dr. Patricia Adelekan, YOMI, Founder

"Sacred Spaces and Other Places"  Members of the International Educator Hall of Fame, and Board of Directors of YOMI will gather to vision a strategy for  Hall of Fame Inductee's to have their collections archived as small museums.  Establishing a trust for the International Educators Hall of Fame Museum.
Date: Thursday May 23rd  Noon- 5pm, Bring your own lunch, snack, or you can schedule lunch break 2 hrs go into downtown Auburn.
 Location is 1855 Christian Valley Road, Auburn CA coming from Sacramento-
 Take the exit onto I-80 E toward Reno
37.4 mi
 Take the exit toward Dry Creek Rd
0.2 mi
 Turn left onto Neils Rd
0.1 mi
 Turn left onto Lake Arthur Rd
0.2 mi
Take the 1st right onto Christian Valley Rd
Destination will be on the left

2.0 mi
1855 Christian Valley Rd
Auburn, CA 9560

Conservation Land Trust: A land trust is a nonprofit organization that, as all or part of its mission, actively works to conserve land by undertaking or assisting in land or conservation easement acquisition, or by its stewardship of such land or easements.

Putting real estate assets into a land trust allows the owner to avoid probate, and save on estate taxes when the property passes to heirs.  It will also protect the property from liens and judgments that might otherwise be brought against an owner. For partners and tenants in common, each owner is insulated from judgments. With a land trust, an owner can privately transfer their beneficial interest in the trust (the actual ownership) without it being reported to any governmental agencies.  Lastly, with a land trust, a person’s ownership of a property remains confidential and does not appear in any county recorder's office or other publicly-accessible resource.

In particular, Community land trusts attempt to meet the needs of residents least served by the prevailing land market. Community land trusts help communities to: Gain control over local land use and reduce absentee ownership, provide affordable housing for lower income residents in the community, promote resident ownership and control of housing, keep housing affordable for future residents and builds a strong base for community action.

Biographical Profile:
I have over 60 years of experience as an International Scholar, Consultant, Educationist, Teacher
Trainer, Researcher, Writer, Speaker, and Publicist and Published numerous books and a few hundred articles.

I speak, read and write fluent French and English and know well Spanish, German, and Yoruba. I am the founder of nine International Institutions, am featured in several national and international "Who's Who" Achievement Volumes and have received over 300 honors and awards. Selected Toastmaster of the Year 2011-2012. Named Outstanding Senior of the Year by Senator Lou Correrea in Orange County California. 

 I founded Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. (YOM I) a non-profit community-based youth organizations (NGO/CBO) in 1986 which operated a school and a Youth Talk – a radio program among other achievements (2013 celebrated its 27 year anniversary of YOMI); founded the International Educator's Hall of Fame, in 1993 in Sacramento, California, now spread throughout America and the world with over 530 inductees from 21 countries, 20th Year Anniversary -2013).  


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moon Rising Ceremony and Blessing

Friday May 17 2013 guest artists: Alpha, Caryl, Happy and host Anita walked down to the installation being created around the Grandma's tree, a tree on the property that Anita took her grand-daughters’ Anisa and Morena to play, swing, and climb upon. This scared tree is the heart of the installation where we together we will perform a walking meditation to begin the making of our labyrinth /medicine wheel.

Calling to Sprit Keepers of the East, South, West, and North

 Happy facing East:
Oh Spirit of the East, Land of the rising Sun, Of Air, the winds that blow across the lands. Of new beginnings each day, and of open horizons. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with us today. please join us, Spirit of the East.

Alpha facing South:
Oh, Spirit of the South, Place of Passion, Fire and Creation and inspiration, whose warm breath reminds us of summer days. Ignite our hearts with love. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with us today. Please join us, Spirit of the  South.

 Caryl facing West:
Oh Spirit of the West, the land of the setting Sun, Of water and Autumn's whisper. Bless us with the knowledge of peace which follows the harvest of a f ruitful life. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us, Spirit of the West.

Anita facing North:
Oh Spirit of the North, place of quiet, stillness, of cave and deep earth. Place of thankfulness for the knowledge and blessing s that have come to us with time. We bless you and ask your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us, Spirit of the North.
L.A. Happy our Spirit Leader:

Oh Spirit of Mother Earth, you support us each day, welcoming our roots deep into your heart. You nurture and guide us finding sustenance and support. Help us to give thanks Always for Your bounty.  We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us Spirit of Mother Earth.

Alpha- Retreat Coordinator:
Oh Spirit of Father Sky, of the angelic reals, the countless stars of the night remind us that you are vast beautiful and majestic beyond all of our knowing or understanding. Your light shines upon the earth both day and night guiding our steps. We bless you ask for your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us, Father Sky.

Anta- Retreat Host:
Oh Spirit of our souls within, Place of union, love and reverence. We are grateful for this gift of life and for the love that guides our way. We open our hearts and join with all in love. It is begun.

Friday, May 17, 2013

It's been a little over 24 hours

It's been a little over 24 hours since Happy/L. A. Hyder and I have been here in Auburn. Anita Posey-Lowe our host has been so welcoming and kind. The land where she lives is beautiful. Not so much unlike the land that I live on.
Lots of trees, mostly pine, madrone and oak.

We walked the land and found several spots that felt right for the piece and chose a beautiful grandmother oak that sits on the South Eastern corner of the property.

The actual shape of the labyrinth that we are designing came about by thinking about traditional labyrinths and then we followed the shape of the land.

Like most pine forests there is a deep layer of needles that blanket the surface of the ground. I am enjoying the feeling of softness under my feet as I walk about. We used a rake to move the surface and placed and pine cones to delineate the path. Pretty cool.

Now we have something to work with today we bless the space and prep for our workshop "Gathering and Grounding" this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gathering and Grounding

Together we will perform a walking meditation to begin the making of our labyrinth /medicine wheel. The Ritual will help us to identify and gather the specific rocks to create a sacred labyrinth/medicine wheel. May 14th - May 25th.

Caryl Henry Alexander- Faculty

Visual artist, Social Justice activist, educator and traveler, UU. For 25 years has offered visual arts projects in communities with a focus on creative literacy, community collaboration and arts integrated curriculum. Her projects have been successful in schools with grades 3-12 and with multi generational, multicultural and interfaith communities in diverse settings.

Bernadette Zambrano


Gathering and Grounding

The We are all Drawn Here workshop will be facilitated by 3 women artists, Caryl Henry Alexander, Happy/L.A. Hyder and Bernadette Zambrano.

 In the We are all Drawn Here workshop, we will explore traditional symbols from diverse cultures celebrating creativity and the earth while paying homage to the land we are one and the peoples who came before.

 Each participant will use traditional symbols and create our own symbols while exploring what we seek to learn from communing with the land and each other.

 Gathering and Marking

Together we will perform a walking meditation to begin the making of our labyrinth /medicine wheel. In Ritual, incorporating the collective as well as our deeply personal exploration, we will identify and gather rocks to create a sacred labyrinth/medicine wheel. We will mark our collection of rocks with paint we create from grass, bark and soil.


In Ritual, we will enliven a labyrinth already defined (or outlined) on the land with our word- and image-painted rocks.


We will inaugurate the labyrinth with those who built it. This first walking of the labyrinth will hold a special emphasis on the land and those who came before and our own humble growing connection with these.

 The labyrinth will be available throughout the gathering for our own and others use. The culmination will be on May 24, during the full moon and eclipse with a group ritual.
Friday the 24th = full moon in Sag 9:25 pm and  Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 9:11 pm (visible over the Americas).
We Moon says about this eclipse: “Be open for insight about the way forward, and make shifts in the present that reflect those visions.”


Monday, May 13, 2013

"Commitment to Live"

Faculty- Toni Colley-Perry, M.Ed
Thursday, May 16, 2013.
 Time: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

1855 Christian Valley Rd

Auburn, CA

  • The cost of the Retreat is $40.00 (money can be brought the day of the retreat)
  •  The clay will be provided by


  •  You are encouraged to pack a lunch and bring something to share.
  • Water will be provided
  • Wear comfortable clothes, and enclosed shoes we will be in the foothills you may want to take a walk during breaks.

 You are invited back on May 25, 2013 to pick up your art work and participate in the Community Celebration.

 The workshop will examine the inner conflict we experience with relationships, career, body, self-image, and choices we make. 

In order to be in harmony with yourself you either make a commitment to change your life or you have to change your values.  It is important for you to come from your truth and feel good about everything you do.

Participants will be ask, what are your personal values? Is your life consistent with your values? Take a moment to look at your childhood messages. How did your parents value money, their relationships with each other and roles they played for the family? Were they loving and understanding towards you? Did they struggle emotionally, mentally, physically or financially? Did you feel your wishes counted? Did they value money in a way that allowed them to feel alive, happy and free?

 Participants will create a new personal story for themselves. Identify the values they want to live by and make choices that are in direct alignment with those values. 

Through this clay workshop it is my hope that each participant will discover what it takes, to believe in oneself, trust the higher energy.
Donations will be made to the Women's Wisdom Project, and the Brickhouse Gallery, this project is co-sponsored by the African American Women's Health Legecy Project.

Toni Colley-Perry, M.Ed
Non-Profit & Education Consulting
Cell: 916-519-9189

"By Serving Each Other We Become Free" was the
Inscription on the table used by the Knight's of the Round Table

"Marking the Stones" With Natural Paint

As the workshop leader for "Marking the Stones" I am making plans so that we can make our paint from natural materials native to the land in Auburn. There are so many options and I am so excited to experiment with the local plants, soil, insects and bark! This is just one of many approaches that we will try during our workshop!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Opening Ceremony and Cleansing of the Site

Join us in our opening celebration to honor the "Life of Michelle Walker" the gathering will begin at 4pm and end at 8pm. We are calling artists, musicians, drummers, dancers, singers, storytellers, visual artists throughout California, to join us as we come together to honor our friend.

May 14, 2013 4pm - 8pm Opening Ceremony Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony of "the land". Josephine Talamantez  in concert with Stan Padilla will conduct this ceremony to honor the memory of Michelle Walker, and her mother  Aurolie Beatrice Walker, for her daughter Ondrea Walker, friends of Michelle Walker, are invited to attend.

Stan Padilla
Symbolic offerings such as water, teas, wine, sugar, incense, gold and silver threads, flower petals, sunflowers, lavender, grains, seeds, shells, candies and more can be donated to the International Society of Altar Makers, and delivered to the pottery studio of Anita L. Lowe 1855 Christian Valley Rd, in Auburn, the week of May 14th - 25th.

Space Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony, in Spanish, the word despacho literally means "dispatch or shipment". 

Everything around us is made of energy - from our own physical bodies to our cars, homes, land, trees, etc.  Just as we need to keep our own energy bodies cleansed and operating at a high frequency or vibration for Optimal Health & Happiness, it is also important to cleanse the spaces around us where we spend most of our time.   Energy accumulates from all historical owners and visitors to that space.

If you want to propose a workshop for your art group, or organization during the retreat contact Visual Arts Development Project, Alpha Bruton, at 773-681-6570, you can register or bring your circle of 12 as participants,  send proposals to alphabruton@gmail.com.
All cash donations can be made to the Placer County Arts Council, 808 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95602, for Ondrea Walker's Art Education Enrichment Fund, "Dreams of Colour" a charity, that will assist children of diverse backgrounds to attend annual retreats of the International Society of Altar Makers, scholarships for travel and supplies, and to pursue artistic innovative arts programming.

Michelle Walker, a co-founder and executive director of MAP, passed away on January 29, 2013. She left behind a clear vision for supporting the arts and a vibrant organization to carry it out. Michelle integrated the arts into the giving campaigns of public and private employees. MAP channels those donations to an array of arts organizations, large and small, for education and new audiences.

Most recently, Michelle envisioned sponsoring a fusion between the arts, inventors and innovators, which MAP is now developing. For her, creativity has no boundaries. For Michelle’s many friends, family and colleagues her passing is deeply felt. For MAP, her vision provides an inspiration for producing programs that will bring ever-growing support and recognition to the arts in the years to come.