Monday, May 13, 2013

"Commitment to Live"

Faculty- Toni Colley-Perry, M.Ed
Thursday, May 16, 2013.
 Time: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

1855 Christian Valley Rd

Auburn, CA

  • The cost of the Retreat is $40.00 (money can be brought the day of the retreat)
  •  The clay will be provided by

  •  You are encouraged to pack a lunch and bring something to share.
  • Water will be provided
  • Wear comfortable clothes, and enclosed shoes we will be in the foothills you may want to take a walk during breaks.

 You are invited back on May 25, 2013 to pick up your art work and participate in the Community Celebration.

 The workshop will examine the inner conflict we experience with relationships, career, body, self-image, and choices we make. 

In order to be in harmony with yourself you either make a commitment to change your life or you have to change your values.  It is important for you to come from your truth and feel good about everything you do.

Participants will be ask, what are your personal values? Is your life consistent with your values? Take a moment to look at your childhood messages. How did your parents value money, their relationships with each other and roles they played for the family? Were they loving and understanding towards you? Did they struggle emotionally, mentally, physically or financially? Did you feel your wishes counted? Did they value money in a way that allowed them to feel alive, happy and free?

 Participants will create a new personal story for themselves. Identify the values they want to live by and make choices that are in direct alignment with those values. 

Through this clay workshop it is my hope that each participant will discover what it takes, to believe in oneself, trust the higher energy.
Donations will be made to the Women's Wisdom Project, and the Brickhouse Gallery, this project is co-sponsored by the African American Women's Health Legecy Project.

Toni Colley-Perry, M.Ed
Non-Profit & Education Consulting
Cell: 916-519-9189

"By Serving Each Other We Become Free" was the
Inscription on the table used by the Knight's of the Round Table

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