Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Your Sh*t Together Online Radio by GYST Radio | BlogTalkRadio

Getting Your Sh*t Together Online Radio by GYST Radio | BlogTalkRadio

"Art is Business"  VADP is mentioned in this radio show.... Check out my interview.

Liza Simone of Phantom Galleries LA in Los Angeles is currently the host but there will be guest hosts in cities nationally and internationally.  The Pop-Up Research Station will be a place to glean information. We see the Pop-Up Research Station as the portal to documenting our legacy, giving emerging curators and artists, new to the world of creative place making, a “Tool Kit” that has already been 20 years in the making, researched, developed, and implemented by artists who have carved out niches and  built new communities from empty storefront to monthly art walks. 

GYST Radio on Blog talk will cover snap shots of artist stories, host real discussions on the problems we face, offer a support system as well as soliciting advice on how to avoid the potholes moving forward.  The interviews done for GYST Radio on Blog talk are conversational and geared toward the artist’s mindset, but will be helpful for those interested in our projects as a research tool.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Labyrintheme Back to Our Senses

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The Labyrintheme project has brought together theatre makers, museum staff and enthusiasts, teachers, staff of educational institutions and students from a considerable number of countries.

We call our handbook for trainers Back to Our Senses because we found during the piloting phase of the project that this is the main resource that sensory labyrinth theatre has to offer: a renewed perspective on the ways we perceive and acquire information through our basic senses.

 While everything around us competes in terms of getting bigger and louder it also risks becoming two-dimensional and, frankly, quite boring. We found that this context is actually a great opportunity to surprise our audiences and visitors by becoming three-dimensional: focusing on creating an image inside the head and not in front of the eyes. The ‘theatre’ element comes in when we learn how to tune the five senses so that we create controlled sensory images and share these images on a human-to-human level rather than through a patronizing I-will-provide-knowledge experience. It also helps objective information to become personal again by means of storytelling. But more of this inside.

The handbook is dedicated to all of you who have already found such an experience interesting and are willing to replicate it and/or adapt it to similar contexts. It’s a DIY guide that also makes constant reference to situations we’ve encountered in our Labyrintheme experience and may become subjects for further exploration.

We hope you enjoy it, and please help us make it better by reaching us at and

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Friday, August 9, 2013

PlacerARTs in Auburn California Welcomes VADP

ARTspace for Teaching and Learning-

Angela Tahti (Arts Services) -- Auburn
As Executive Director of the Arts Council of Placer County since 1997, Angela Tahti collaborates with artists and community volunteers of all ages, public officials and business leaders to improve Placer County's quality of life through the arts. She develops, administers, and promotes a wide variety of community arts programs including visual, performing and literary arts presentations; a Regrant Program; Arts in Education Programs; and cultural tourism initiatives such as the Auburn Art Walk, Autumn Arts Studios Tour, Library Garden Summer Series, Jazz at 808, AGROart Competition, Feats of Clay and the One Root Festival.
Her "Director's Message" in Perspectives, Placer Arts' quarterly arts newsmagazine, informs members and the local community about the state of the arts locally and statewide. Ms. Tahti is Sierra Nevada Arts Alliance liaison to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and County Arts Lead to the California Department of Education for Placer County Office of Education.

ARTspace, located on the lower level of The Arts Building, is designed to bring Artists and Student Artists together in a teaching and learning environment.

ARTspace provides a variety of ongoing workshops and classes for students of all levels, and is available to rent for workshops and events such as birthdays and other celebrations.

Visual Arts Development Project will be coming to The Arts Building 2014-
Hosting our first Executive Board of Directors Meeting- to Plan our Annual Retreat
We are now taking perspective- to be submitted to Andrea "YaYa" Porras, Executive Director, and Curator of the International Society of Altar Making.
The VADP’s Goals for the next three years are to develop our  residential artist’s studio program; to provide artistic experience to the Sacramento community and outlining rural communities in the San Joaquin Valley, Placer County, and Fresno County where existing partnerships have been developed. To collaborate and extend programming for that intersect with poets, musicians, performance artists, and installation artists.

Year one: We have hired a volunteer project director to develop programs for the resource center and to seek additional funding for operational support.
The long range goals are to concentrate our fundraising efforts, to cover administrative activities, provide technical assistance for faculty, and provide curriculum development training for new faculty members.

Donate today: All donations are tax deductible, please mail to: VADP, 808 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sacramento Banana Festival 2014

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Arts, Entertainment, Food Food & Fun for a Good Cause
August 10-11, 2013 at William Land Park
Two-day festival celebrates the banana’s influence with world music performances, banana-themed activities, food tastings, and more. a Good Cause
Radio Disney Takes Banana Jungle Stage
Radio Disney will be hosting a variety of events at the Banana Festival this year. On Saturday, August 10, from 2 to 4 p.m. on the Banana Jungle Stage, Radio Disney will be playing music and organizing games for kids of all ages. Radio Disney will also be hosting an on-site radio show that will feature Banana Festival Bunch of Fun Passports station activities.
Radio Disney is a radio network based in Burbank, CA, that broadcasts music aimed for a young teenage audience. It is a youth targeted contemporary hit radio and subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. It can be streamed online or on the radio network at KMKY 1310 for the Bay Area or KMKY 1470 for Northern California.


Banana Festival is all about fun, but did you know it also does good in our community? Proceeds of the Banana Festival support the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum and Development Center, which provides programs and resources for more than 15,000 children and youth in the Greater Sacramento area. And many other community organizations participate in and benefit from Banana Festival as well, including B.E.S.T (Building Empowerment Skills Today) and Women’s Empowerment.
B.E.S.T and Women's Empowerment along with other non-profit organizations will serve samples of their special Banana Bread recipes to visitors who get to stroll down a tropical path full of delicious Banana Breads and taste all the samples.

After tasting all the delicious samples, festival goers can vote for the Banana Bread they like the best by putting money into the organization’s donation jar. The organizations get to keep all the money in their jars and festival goers get to taste lots of Banana Bread.