Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gathering and Grounding

Together we will perform a walking meditation to begin the making of our labyrinth /medicine wheel. The Ritual will help us to identify and gather the specific rocks to create a sacred labyrinth/medicine wheel. May 14th - May 25th.

Caryl Henry Alexander- Faculty

Visual artist, Social Justice activist, educator and traveler, UU. For 25 years has offered visual arts projects in communities with a focus on creative literacy, community collaboration and arts integrated curriculum. Her projects have been successful in schools with grades 3-12 and with multi generational, multicultural and interfaith communities in diverse settings.

Bernadette Zambrano


Gathering and Grounding

The We are all Drawn Here workshop will be facilitated by 3 women artists, Caryl Henry Alexander, Happy/L.A. Hyder and Bernadette Zambrano.

 In the We are all Drawn Here workshop, we will explore traditional symbols from diverse cultures celebrating creativity and the earth while paying homage to the land we are one and the peoples who came before.

 Each participant will use traditional symbols and create our own symbols while exploring what we seek to learn from communing with the land and each other.

 Gathering and Marking

Together we will perform a walking meditation to begin the making of our labyrinth /medicine wheel. In Ritual, incorporating the collective as well as our deeply personal exploration, we will identify and gather rocks to create a sacred labyrinth/medicine wheel. We will mark our collection of rocks with paint we create from grass, bark and soil.


In Ritual, we will enliven a labyrinth already defined (or outlined) on the land with our word- and image-painted rocks.


We will inaugurate the labyrinth with those who built it. This first walking of the labyrinth will hold a special emphasis on the land and those who came before and our own humble growing connection with these.

 The labyrinth will be available throughout the gathering for our own and others use. The culmination will be on May 24, during the full moon and eclipse with a group ritual.
Friday the 24th = full moon in Sag 9:25 pm and  Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 9:11 pm (visible over the Americas).
We Moon says about this eclipse: “Be open for insight about the way forward, and make shifts in the present that reflect those visions.”


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Alpha Bruton said...

"Walking A Sacred Path - rediscovering the labyrinth as a spiritual tool" a book I got a few years ago by Dr. Lauren Artress (she is the Canon for Special Ministries and director of Quest, Grace Cathedral Center for Spiritual Wholeness in SF).
L.A. Hyder